Conditional Design Workshop at IED

25th October, 2017 - 1 min. read - in Review - Go to Index

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So happy since I’ve successfully conducted my first conditional design workshop with my students at IED Torino.

It’s been so long since I had this desire and finally I caught the opportunity with my new class of wannabe designers.

I’ve given 30 minutes for the activity. I’ve set up 7 groups, 4/5 people each.

They had to draw a little square, turning clockwise, on an A0 sheet, with a colored marker, each square has to follow these rules:

I’m quite happy with the outcomes. They were skeptical at first but during the session, they got engaged and I had some difficulties to stop them because the time run out.

I’ve noticed a couple of things observing them during the workshop:

Eventually, they loved their creation as it happens for a creative team after a well designed project.

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